5 Reasons Why You Need To Buy A Smart Watch Now!

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The ease of viewing alerts or messages sent to your wrist and being able to identify their importance without removing your phone from your pocket or bag is invaluable. It simplifies your life and it saves time – and time they say is money. Checking your phone in the middle of an important meeting or conversation can be rude, however a quick glance at your wrist is subtler, quicker and simpler.

Smart watches are cool. You get a watch, a phone, a camera, a multimedia player and a lifesaving be-all do-all gadget that does everything from being a medical advisor to a fitness coach, all at the same time. What more could you want?

Here are the top five reasons to grab a smartwatch right now on www.hollagold.com.

1. Security
Depending on where you live on the planet and your commute, it makes a lot of sense to be discreet when you walk the dark alleys. If you find yourself in a rough area at night and too afraid to bring out your expensive iPhone, a smartwatch is a lot more safer to use.

2. Navigation
Getting around an unfamiliar city is much easier with a smartwatch. Your map can tell you when and where to turn next without a lot of fuss. Walking around while following directions on your smart phone is a lot of risk as it singles you out as a stranger, beyond the other risk of it getting dropped or being snatched. The Apple Watch, for example, is able to deliver different vibrations to your wrist to tell you if you should turn right or left when following directions and that’s super-cool and efficient.

3. Internet of Things
You may have heard such tech buzz-words used often and wonder what it is all about? Smart watches can pack a lot of control on your wrist without the hassle of picking up and dropping your smart phone, iPad or other gadgets. With a few taps on your wrist, you can turn the lights on and off, securely lock or unlock the door; and lot’s other cool stuff such as receiving an alert from your fridge reminding you to buy your favorite milk.

4. Entertainment
If you are an avid enthusiast of audio books, podcasts or music, you are just one or two clicks away from reaching them on your watch. It’s unbeatable for convenience and consistency; helping to unlock the power of training your mind.

5. Habit and Fitness Tracker
Most smart watch users will wait to read this one and it is in fact true. Smart watches remind you to stick to routine and help you form habits that you desire. From keeping your butt off the couch, to a life-saving heart rate monitor, sleep tracker, steps counter and much more, smart watches can calculate all the important metrics you might need to stay alive. It comes therefore as no surprise that smart watches have started focusing on fitness in order to keep things relevant.

Smart watches was sci-fi movie technology some twenty years ago, and prior to that time; even before the good old telephone became commercial – someone predicted the smart watches phenomenon. They are here today not to replace your phone – but to complement it.

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